Bowl with Silver Heart

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Clear glass bowl with red square & silver heart centre piece. 30cm x 30cm.



This glass bowl silver heart design, is suitable for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, valentines etc are approx 30cm / 12″ square.

Made using a two stage process, first the layers of glass incorporating the design are kiln fired at high temperature to fuse them together, then in a second cooler firing the glass is slumped over a mould to make the bowl.

Please note, all my glass products are unique, there are no two exactly the same. Because of the nature of the materials used it is impossible to make exact replicas. Images are for guidance only.

Delivery is usually within 10 working days. I will advise you if this is going to be longer for any reason.

You can have your own bespoke design created for you, contact me for pricing and delivery times

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Weight 1.50 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 cm


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